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Some data you like some you dont. And there is some that you cant ignore

We are talking about the data that is re-defining healthcare in India. Ever wondered that there can be more than 200000 patients every month or around 2500000 patents every year searching for a clinic like yours online? These are the numbers when we wrote this article and by now this must have gone a bit higher. We recently read that by end of this year, India will be second largest country in terms of number of internet users ahead of the U.S. How would that mean anything to you as a healthcare provider? It just means that 1 out of every 4 patients that you see will be using internet for his or her healthcare needs. And if you are not present to connect with such a patient on the internet, we guess your patient is not going to be very happy about it.

The use of Internet by consumers to obtain a product or service has acquired a pandemic scale, but unlike medical pandemics, the results here are astonishing and value creating for all people involved in such transactions. The same trend is making its way into healthcare and healthcare providers who understand this trend will stand to gain the most from it.

A patient of today is information hungry and research oriented in his approach. Patient needs to know everything about a clinic, its doctors, facilities, services, procedures, prices and experiences of fellow patients before he selects a particular clinic. Google recently said that 5% of its 3.5 billion daily searches are on healthcare related terms. This just re-emphasizes the importance of a healthcare provider to be present on the internet with information that patient needs.

So how do you bring your clinic on the web which will help you connect with new patients as well as engage existing patients well? The answer is simple, create a professional website of your clinic that lets you provide information that matters the most to patients. A website gives your clinic a definitive and exclusive place over the internet. It provides patients personalized feeling in knowing more about your clinic. A fully-featured website that provides detailed information about the clinic, facilities, services, medical staff, procedures, prices etc is the most effective medium to connect with new patients and engage existing patents. Website should also try to capture patients’ word of mouth and provide health updates, news and events that are useful for healthcare community. Remember, you should not substitute a website by a listing in internet directories. This is because a listing on internet directory or portals lets you provide very basic information that often is not useful for today’s research-oriented, information hungry patients. So only a personalized website can engage a patient through relevant information that matters the most in patient’s decision making.

The only problem that stops many healthcare providers from creating their website is the logistics involved in getting it created, maintained and keeping it up-to-date through web-designers or IT companies. Not to mention humungous costs involved in creating and maintaining the site. No wonder that out of >1000000 clinics in India, only few have a website that can engage patients effectively and among those very few are searchable by patients on the internet.

So how do you get rid of these problems and still create a great website? Answer is simple. Use that makes it extremely easy for clinics of any size, create a personalized, professional website in few minutes. This does not require any technical skills. What else, its free to create and update your website (visit to claim your free website)

Healthcare delivery of tomorrow is going to be omnipresent and not restricted to four walls of clinic or a hospital. Internet has started fueling this change. For future-ready healthcare providers, this is the right time to ride over this change and use power of internet to connect and engage patients. Take first step in this direction by creating a professional website of your clinic on

Author: Deepa Shah


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